1967 Gibson ES330 converted ES335 Seth Lover Seymour Duncan Pickups Pro Setup Case

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Today..Lawman Guitars is Presenting...

A Beautiful 1967 Gibson ES330TD Guitar with a cool Hard Shell Case.

This vintage guitar is just beautiful. However, it is clearly not all original….lets go over the modifications that made this almost a Gibson ES335…

I took this guitar in on trade as I am a great lover of 1960’s Gibson ES330 Guitars. I own 2 of them and have bought many over the years for my customers. This one was converted from the P90 Pickups to Humbuckers. The good news…Great pickups…Older Seth Lover Seymour Duncans that sound fantastic. Great bite and full of tone, especially on the neck pickup. They left all the original wiring and pots so that was good. They then added a small block inside the guitar body to accept the stop tailpiece and fixed tunematic bridge. Very professional job and its not a full block like the ES335 guitars so very little added weight. Knobs are replacements as are the tuners.

The good news! The guitar neck and body are excellent. Awesome bright sunburst with really nice finish crazing and no cracks or breaks. The frets are still excellent. Not sure if they are original or not but if they are not, a great job replacing them. It has the original wiring and pots as we discussed, and original pickguard. Great job whoever did this conversion. It’s a ES335 with incredible Pickups that plays and sounds great!

So what is the difference between a 330 and 335?

At first glance this model looks like an ES335, but it isn't anything even close. Fully hollow instead of semi-hollow, neck meets body at the 15th fret instead of the 19th fret, and P-90 pickups instead of Humbucking pickups in the Gibson ES 335 guitar.

This Gibson ES330 guitar sounds and plays just great. I have had many 1960’s Gibson Guitars and I always love grabbing them for the first time and feeling the awesome feel of the Gibson necks. This neck is dead straight and we set it up with great playing low action. Plenty of room to raise or lower it for your playing preference. The neck angle is perfect and there is no indication of the neck ever being reset. Nor does it need it. A really great neck. The frets have plenty of life left in them.. Just can’t say enough about how great this neck is. Check those pics!

The guitar was Professionally setup with new strings and great playing angle....See pics.. This guitar has beautiful finish crazing. Love how Gibsons thin Nitrocellouse finishes did this. You can always tell the original finishes by the crazing. This one has a lot!

The Seth Lover Pickups sound amazing. Very strong and can be aggressive when required, but also so full of tone and life when you want it to speak to you.

Check out the case. Its as nice as the guitar. Newer of course but looks really cool and it’s a  great case for this great guitar.

Now this guitar is uber cool but vintage and used so it is sold as-is no returns...however ..I have been hand picking out my customers guitars for over 18 years now... this cool Gibson will certainly not be an exception...

Thanks for checking out our cool guitars...

Mike at Lawman Guitars

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