1974 Unbranded Electra SG Custom 3 Super 70’s Pickups Gold Pro Setup Hard Case

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Today, Lawman Guitars is Presenting..

A really cool all original 1974 Made in Japan SG Custom guitar. These guitars were way ahead of their time and of course directed their sales efforts to the Gibson Players that couldn’t afford a real SG. They did a great job…wonderful guitars!

To find one unbranded is strange enough…It is could have been a Salesman Sample to have any number of Brands imprinted. These went by several brands such as Electra, Ibanez or Greco… It also could have been a house brand with no logo for sale at St Louis Music which brought many guitars in from Japan. It is clearly a Fujigen Gakki made guitar with 3 awesome early Super 70’s Humbuckers that sound wonderful. Also, to find a SG Custom from this Era is very hard. They made about a 100 double pickups for every 3 pickup Custom so this one is quite rare to find.

This all original SG Custom plays as good as it looks. Very little player wear on this one. We had it Profesionally setup with new 10’s and it has great awesome low playing action that very easy on the fingers. All pickups, knobs, pickguard,  even whammy bar, et all, are original. This is a really cool guitar.

The only malady we could find was some stress cracking at the horns. It is between the two body plies and is not a body crack but finish spalling...see pics 8 and 9.

The Pickups are very early Super 70’s Humbucker…Some Electra’s used single coils in Humbucker looking cases..these are true Super 70’s Humbuckers….Very strong Pickups that sound great. The guitar has the iconic SG Look to it…Very cool original guitar. Only a couple of dings on the back of the guitar. See pic 10….its in great shape..

I couple this cool guitar with an Epiphone SG Hard Shell Case. I was waiting for the right guitar to pair this case up……A great home for your cool Made in Japan SG….

Sold as-is no returns as its vintage and used, however, I have been hand picking my customers guitars for over 18 years now and they have all loved the instruments I found for them. This cool SG Custom guitar will certainly not be an exception.

Thanks for checking out our cool guitars.

Mike at Lawman Guitars

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