1977 Electra X340 MPC Modules Les Paul Jacranda Brazilian Cherry Maxon Pickups Orig Hard Case

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Today, Lawman Guitars is Presenting..

A really cool all original 1977 Electra Lawsuit MPC X340 guitar. These guitars were way ahead of their time and of course directed their sales efforts to  Gibson Players that couldn’t afford a Les Paul as their market. They did too good a job, thus the Lawsuits from Gibson…

I have sold two Electra X310’s in the last couple of months. This X340 is even more rare and has TWO operating Modules in it.. Grab this one..they are very rare…

This cool Electra was only made from 1976 thru 1978. We dated it from the pickups. All original including the Hard Shell Case…what a guitar outfit!

This all original Electra plays as good as it looks. It is one of the Jacranda models in Brazillian Cherry…Its so dark it almost looks black in the pics.. Beautiful color and after having two Electras in Black, its cool to have one of these…Very little player wear on the frets of this one. We had it Professionally setup with new 10’s and it has great awesome low playing action that very easy on the fingers. The gold hardware is still nice and bright… The guitar even has the original Electra Branded Tuners and Truss rod cover..

The Headstock is the Cresting Wave Headstock.. Very few of these are ever offered for sale. This one is awesome and in fabulous shape. Check out the Genuine Abalone Fret Markers. See pic 6…This guitar is beautiful!

Heres some info I found from the new Electra Company regarding these cool guitars…

Looking back at the original Electra Guitars, over four decades ago, a group of creative entrepreneurs wanted to make state of the art, affordable guitars available to musicians. They decided to pool their talents to create a new line of guitars. The challenge was to design, build and market instruments that were well-built and innovative while still being a great value.

The MPCs were manufactured in the same factory, side by side, at the same time as the Ibanez Les Pauls and were not only High Quality Copies as described but, most would say, they were actually better than the original mid to late 70’s Gibson Les Pauls they were copying. What this means is that as the factory was manufacturing the Ibanez run, a portion was pulled aside and outfitted as Electra MPC’s and sold as such.

As fate would have it the founding fathers of Electra Guitars would build guitars with innovations far ahead of their time. New switching concepts for pickups, onboard effects and aesthetic upgrades to classic designs, would become the cornerstone of Electra Guitars’ popularity.

In 1975, Tom Presley was hired as Electra Guitars product manager. His vision included guitars with innovative switching combinations of pickups and onboard guitar effects. John Karpowitz was hired to make Tom’s vision a reality.

The first Presley/Karpowitz project was the Super-Magnaflux humbucking guitar pickups. The pickups, along with their wiring assemblies, were entirely US made. These proved to be such an improvement over existing selector switch systems that several Nashville pros started using them in their USA-made guitars. Next was the Tone Spectrum Circuitry. A five-way variation on the Gibson six-way Varitone selector switch. Tone Spectrum provided in- and out-of-phase, series, parallel, and access to two more toggles wired to tone capacitors. This was introduced on the Electra Guitars Omega.

This Electra has all of those innovations as well as the Maxon Super Magnaflux Humbuckers.. Check those pics. With the Varitone switch and MPC Modules for both Treble Bass Expander and Power Overdrive, its quite the guitar. The Modules themselves have been selling for over $150 each lately. The effects are somewhat primitive relative to todays pedals, but really cool sounds and way ahead of the times with having them on board a guitar at the flick of a switch..

This cool guitar even has the original Electra Hardshell Case. Even it looks just like a Gibson….Its in as nice of shape as the guitar. Beautiful Blue Plush interior and the accessory box is still with it!… A great home for your cool Made in Japan Les Paul….

Sold as-is no returns as its vintage and used, however, I have been hand picking my customers guitars for over 18 years now and they have all loved the instruments I found for them. This cool guitar will not be an exception.

Thanks for checking out our cool guitars.

Mike at Lawman Guitars

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