RARE 1935 Supro National Electric Spanish Guitar Pro Neck Reset Original Soft Shell Case

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Today, Lawman Guitars is Presenting ...

A really cool Extremely RARE Vintage 1936 Supro Spanish Electric Guitar …It also comes with the original Soft Shell Case. Given the 1000 series serial number on this beauty, it must have been one of the first made!

What a cool guitar. I wasn’t ready to see this guitar when I opened the case. These cases usually hold an old acoustic guitar. This is one of the earliest full size electric guitars made. They were making a lot of lap steel guitars that were electric but just getting started with full size guitars. That explains the giant electric pickup on this one… it looks so cool and sounds incredible!

The guitar is all original... It has the original Neck, Body, Daka Ware Pickguard, Knob, Tailpiece, end pin, Frets, Supro painted Headstock Logo, National Serial Number stamped on the top of the headstock, the Really Cool Pickup and the cool original Tuners …... Incredible historic instrument that is completely original the way it came from the factory…Hardly any dings or scratches. I think it lived most of its life in the case. No areas of any moisture in the case or on the guitar. Except for the neck reset, it needed very little but some cleaning and strings…

The neck has a full soft V shaped profile.. 25 ½ inch scale…the nut measures a full 1 ¾ inches… nice full feeling neck!

Heres some info I found on the internet regarding these cool guitars…

Supro Electro Spanish Guitar, 1936

In 1935, the National and Dobro companies united under one banner, the National Dobro Corporation. With their expansion and the move from L.A. to Chicago in 1936, they also decided to increase their market footprint with the addition of a less expensive line they christened Supro. Launched in March 1936, it consisted of smaller, simpler versions of the National and Dobro lines. Notice the lack of any holes in the top to allow air movement, a sure sign that ELECTRIC is what counted here. The same concept is to be noted on the 1936 Regal Electric Spanish. Coincidentally, the wooden bodies of the National electric and Dobro acoustic resonator line during this period were manufactured by Regal.


The National Made pickup sounds fantastic. It is Dark and Smokey...Great power from it… It says on it…Patent Pending….Made in USA…. The magnet is under the large area nearer the end of the guitar…it is huge!! A lot like the horse shoe magnets they used for the early lap steel guitars… You Blues guys will love this one.

Jeff the Tech did a complete neck off reset of this cool Supro…It now plays with awesome playing action that will not result in any sore fingers. It has excellent action. The frets still have plenty of life in them. No pitting or finger divots to show ..This guitar did not get much play in its life…

When I got it back today, I couldn’t stop playing it. The pickup is so full of life. I was hearing all kinds of tunes from playing it. Very cool old school volume knob.. also, original!…

It ships in the shown original Soft Shell Case. It’s in also great shape for its age… Even the accessory box lid is there...all latches, hinges and handle are present and working properly. See pics...

Some lucky buyer is going to be really happy they got this guitar. They don't come up often and sell quickly when they do. It is sold as-is no returns as it vintage and used .. However, I have been hand-picking my customers guitars for over 18 years now and have had nothing but happy customers. This one will not be an exception.

Thanks for checking out my cool guitars.

Mike at Lawman Guitars

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