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Dobro – 1934 Dobro Norwood Chimes Round Neck Resonator Slide Guitar SOLD!!!


I love these resonator guitars. I have had many in the shop and realize I really have to learn how to play slide. These Prewar Dobro’s sound fantastic as Blues Guitars fingered standard, but with a slide…WOW This is a 1934 California made by Dobro, Norwood Chimes that is all original except one tuner button that I replaced with a vintage used one that looks great. Not only is this guitar almost completely original with the original screens and resonator, I even have the original purple interior 1930’s softshell case with it. How do I know this is a 1934? It took a lot of research. The best clue I had was the Patent Pending number stamped on the face plate. That number took me to a Gruhn’s Guide which correctly identified it with the 3 ½ inch body at the tail as a California Made Dobro marketed as a Norwood Chimes. That you can tell from the Mother of Toilet Seat Headstock overlay. This is a very rare Dobro. I had it checked out and setup by Jeff the Tech. It plays great at the top 10 frets. It will fret out after that, but who is going to play standard after  the 10th fret, and most will probably be playing with a slide anyway. It would require a neck reset if you wanted it play standard higher. I will let the new owner decide to do that. I wouldn’t. The body is beautiful with just superficial dings and scratches. Nothing to note. It has great finish crazing in the original Sunburst finish that speaks to the original Nitrocellouse Laquer Finish. A great looking, playing, and sounding guitar. I love this one and I know someone is very anxious to get this guitar for their Dobro collection or hopefully to play it for another 80 years.


All original except one tuner button Original 1930's Softshell Case Plays great

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