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Used Guitars for Sale – 1960 Airline 3 Pickup Roy Smeck Electric Guitar and Original Case..SOLD!!!


I always have cool guitars in my shop but sometimes one shows up that is beyond coolness. How about a 1960 Airline Roy Smeck. Harmony built this guitar and they would have branded it a Roy Smeck with a raised Roy Smeck Logo if it had been one of theirs. That’s where the similarities end. Airline didn’t stop at two pickups like the Harmony. They had to have THREE! The pickups in this guitar are extraordinary. I call these DeArmond Pickups the Diamond Case pickups from the design in the top. They are usually wound a little hotter than the standard Gold or Silverfoil DeArmond Pickups. These are no exception. They sound warm when you want it and scream when needed. If you have not heard these pickups before, be prepared to love them. The guitar is all original. There were two pickguard tips that had broken off but  fortunately they were still with the guitar. Jeff the Tech was able to glue and secure them. Hard to see his repairs. They are still fragile so be careful when taking the pickguard off. I snapped a pic of the interior of the guitar to date it. See pics. It has the Harmony date stamp of 1960. I had Jeff set this guitar up with awesome easy playing low action. You will love how this guitar feels. Again, its Harmony built and the body would also be made like this for the Harmony Stratotones and the Silvertone Jupiters. That will give you a clue to its size. Hollow inside so it’s a very resonate guitar. All original parts from the white knobs and pickup selector switch and Truss Rod cover. The frets are in great shape and with normal playing will last the life of most guitar players. It has an end pin in the strap button spot. It looks original, so I left it alone. That’s the only suspect of something not correct from the factory. A very easy fix. As you know, we strive to have original cases with our guitars. Nothing adds value to vintage guitars like the original case. This guitar is no exception. Original Harmony Gray and White Softshell  Case with awesome clean Red Plush interior. All hinges, latches and handle are intact and functioning. A great case for a great guitar. This unique instrument will only continue to increase in value. Smart Players have already discovered the Stratotone Harmony built guitars. This model is UBER RARE. I have only seen a couple in my lifetime and this is the first I have had. You will not be disappointed in this guitar. Grab it while you can.


Original Everything Pro Setup Original Case

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