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Gibson Guitars – 1967 Gibson ES330TD Hollowbody Thinline Guitar SOLD!!!


I love these guitars. If you have been looking in my website, you probably see that I love a lot of Gibsons. This is an excellent example of a 1967 Gibson ES330TD. Lots of finish crazing to show its age and pedigree. Original P90’s and they sound great. Whats the difference between a Gibson ES330 and an ES335? First of all, the 330’s are hollow. The 335’s have a sound block that runs the length of the body. It makes it a semi-hollow body. Some say it cuts down on feedback. I don’t buy that but that’s what is said. The other difference is the neck it attached at the 15th fret while the 335 is attached at the 19th fret. That makes the 335 a longer guitar. The other major difference is the Pickups. ES330’s use P90’s and the ES335’s use Humbuckers. There you go. This one has been Pro-setup by Jeff the Tech here in Des Moines. He works over all my guitars and he is the best. Know that this guitar is all checked out and it plays with excellent low action. The neck angle is awesome. No sore fingers with this one. The TD after 330 stands for Thinline and double Pickups. Gibson did make a single Pickup Model.  The serial number on the back of the headstock starts with zero which with the no Made in USA imprinted gives me the correct year of manufacture for this cool guitar of 1967. The case is an original Gibson. It is original to the guitar according to the person I bought it from. He was the second owner and has had it for a really long time. I believe this is a later 1960’s to early 1970’s Hardshell Case with the Burgandy interior. These guitars usually came with a softshell case so my guess is that the case was bought later. Original to the owner but not from the guitar which was made earlier. It’s a beautiful Gibson Hardshell case. Grab this one before its gone. These guitars are highly under priced. Try to buy a 1960’s Gibson for less than $5000 these days. I am predicting a big spike in Gibson prices as the economy improves. Put your money in vintage guitars. They rarely lose money and they are a lot more fun to play with than a passbook savings account.


Original Gibson P90 Pickups Original Kluson Double Line Tuners Original Gibson Hardshell Case

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3 Responses to "Gibson Guitars – 1967 Gibson ES330TD Hollowbody Thinline Guitar SOLD!!!"
  1. Frank cavallo February 24, 2014 02:02

    Is this guitar still available?
    I was an original owner of an es330td.
    Sold it in 1971.
    Big mistake.

    Thank you

    • February 24, 2014 09:02

      Hi Frank. Yes, the guitar is still availiable and its awesome…Hope we can do some business. Let me know if you have any questions. Happy to discuss. Mike Law 515-864-6136

  2. Michael April 14, 2014 02:04


    Has this guitar only had one owner?

    I am in the market for a vintage Gibson 330 but am concerned about not being able to try it before buying it. I live in Maine, so a visit would be tricky. I was wondering if you have a return policy on your guitars? Thank you!

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