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Fender Guitars – 1977 Fender Tele Deluxe with Original Fender Hardshell Case..SOLD!!!

Sorry, this one is SOLD!!

What we have here today is a 1977 Vintage Fender Tele Deluxe Guitar with a Super Hot Fender Wide Range Humbucker Pickups and original Fender Hardshell Case…I got this from a shop here in Des Moines that got it from a Pro Player…It shows lots of character. Check out the finish crazing …when I saw it in the shop under the lights I thought it was some kind of foto flame job..the crazing is all horizontal to the body and looks really cool…the wear on the arm area on the top has been worn from lots of gigs..see pics…No real bad buckle rash although there is some…also, not too many dings and scratches…It was played a lot but not abused and well cared for….The medium Jumbo original frets have some pitting and flattening but still have plenty of life in them ……the Tuners are original, the Pickguard, tailpiece, Bridge Pickup and 3 knobs are also original..There are repro knobs on it now, the three original are in the case… is missing a tone knob…I didn’t have a spare…. I also have the original bridge cover for this beauty…..those are always missing…. The Maple slab neck is in great shape…This guitar has 21 frets and its a 25.5 inch scale neck like a Strat. The biggest difference is the frets..These use medium Jumbo frets and strats use narrower frets from the same age era…. The original Fender Hardshell Case is very nice as well…All latches and hinges work and the interior and exterior are in great shape…..The original Handle has some duct tape on it but its there………. I didn’t have my tech set this one up..It was great from the store…just a little high for me, but great for you string benders…You have plenty of room to raise or lower it to your liking..Couple that with the Original Fender Hardshell case and you have quite the guitar here………..I ship Worldwide


All original except one tone knobs Fender Wide Range Humbucker Pickups Original Hardshell Fender Case

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