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:: Cowboy Guitar

Vintage Guitars for Sale – 1942 Supertone Singing Cowboys Graphic Guitar SOLD!!!

Check out the RARE Guitar I have for you today! A 1942 Supertone made by Harmony Singing Cowboys Guitar with original case. What a great guitar. These Cowboy guitars were made by Harmony as evidenced by the Indento Harmony Wood Tailpiece, wood bridge, wood nut, and Waverly open back tuners. They were the same as […]

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Vintage Guitars for Sale – 1935 Montgomery Wards Hilly Billy Parlor Guitar with Original Case SOLD

Those of you that follow me in Lawman Guitars know I love Cowboy Guitars and the walls of the shop are covered with them. They all look great with the awesome Stencilled Graphics but sadly all are unplayable. I had two of the Uber Rare 1935 Hilly Billy’s so I had Jeff the Tech take the neck off this one and reset it. We both were very surprised at [...]

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Used Guitars for Sale – 1952 Melody Ranch Gene Autry Cowboy Guitar with Original Case SOLD!!

1952 Melody Ranch Gene Autry Cowboy Guitar with Original Case What we have here is a great relic that is still very playable today. Most of these Melody Ranch Guitars have been beaten up and have so many missing parts, that if you can find one, it probably isn’t playable. This 1952 Gene Autry Guitar […]

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