1930 Neptune Canoe Scene California Style Banjo Ukulele Pro Setup

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Today, Lawman Guitars is Presenting..

An Extremely rare instrument.. It’s a Vintage Neptune California Style Banjo Ukulele with a really cool Canoe scene. I can only find two others that have been shown on the internet. One was from 1925 and one was from 1933…so this one is from that era…No numbers to date it but very very old and in incredible shape! Check those pics..

This cool little soprano banjo uke was made by Harmony -- probably in the early 20s. It's got a maple neck, pot, and f-hole "resonator" rear plate and is darn clean and all-original. My work on it included a fret level and dressing, cleaning, and setup. This included removing the head, tightening up the big old screw inside the rim which attaches the neck, and also installing a secondary tiny screw to help keep the neck snug and aligned well with the body.

It sounds great and has that dry, wispy sort of tone I associate with these "California" style (inline head) banjo ukes. This one is a little nicer than normal for these, though, and has a brass hoop tone ring under the head's outside edge (which improves tone and volume response) as well as a bound top and bottom edge and closed back.

This particular banjo-uke is of a better grade than most catalog instruments of its class. It has a solid mahogany neck and headstock.  Original rosewood nut, bridge and tuners.  The Body is solid maple veneered with Birdseye maple. The drum head tension is adjusted on the head via the set screws on the tension hoop. This Ukulele is in incredible shape for its age!

The original skin head is painted an autumn scene of a young couple in a canoe: a flapper strums a banjo-uke and serenades her beau as he paddles. The other Ukulele’s I found on the net didn’t have as nice of painted head as this one. Its in fantastic shape!

The overall length of this cool Uke is 20 5/8 inches, 7 inch diameter of rim, and 1 11/16th inch in depth, measured at side of rim. It has a 13 inch scale neck.. It is completely playable . the Brass frets are in great shape as are the tuners…I had our Techs set it up with a new set of strings and its really fun to play.

A really cool instrument but its vintage and used so its sold as-is no returns. However..I have been hand picking my customers instruments for over 17 years now and they all love the instruments I find. The cool Neptune Banjo Ukulele will certainly not be an exception.

Thanks for checking out our cool instruments.

Mike at Lawman Guitars

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