1931 The Gibson L-OO Black Original No cracks Pro Setup Original Case

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Today, Lawman Guitars is Presenting..

A 1931 Gibson L-OO Black Flat Top Guitar with the original Soft Shell Case. What a Beauty. I could not believe what a cool guitar this is!

This guitar was obviously not stored away in a closet for all these years. Someone who loved this guitar played it.. and played it a lot! The first year 12 fret models came out in 1931 without a pickguard. This player should have waited a year...He could have used a pickguard ... it shows lots of songs played on this guitar from around the sound hole and lots of finger divots in the Fingerboard. None of which affect the playability of this cool little guitar. Its 14 3/4 inches wide which seems to be back in fashion again... Even with the smaller body width, this guitar roars... It doesn't sit back if you decide to get on it... with the 1 3/4 inch nut, its also a finger pickers delight! The only thing not original on this beauty is the bridge pins and probably the frets. With all the play on this guitar, the frets would have had to been replaced sometime in its history.

Here's some info on these cool Gibson Guitars..

The L-00 was a flattop produced by Gibson starting in the early '30s. Some of the earliest examples featured a white pickguard and a black finish, though a sunburst finish and tortoiseshell pickguard became the norm by the mid-'30s (the black version was phased out by 1938). The earliest examples also had a 12-fret clear of the body fingerboard.

Years of Production: 1931 - 1946

Wood Composition: Mahogany back and sides, Spruce top, Mahogany neck (some examples from World War II use alternate woods)

The black models were only made from 1931 thru 1938 until they were reissued in the 1990's....The guitar plays great. There is some room left in the bridge saddle should you want to lower the action some. I would leave it alone. The bridge is nice and tight to the very flat top. No bellying of this guitar. The guitar has never had a strap button on it including the end pin...that also points to 1931... The original Black finish is still very bright and beautiful. It has been rode hard but well taken care of... 

The guitar is X-braced and it looks like there was an extra brace just inside the bass side sound hole. Not sure why but I would guess to reinforce the area from the owners strumming style. I can't be sure of that. The white binding is creamy looking and tight to the body and the original open back Waverly Tuners are working great. No indication of any crumbling of the tuner buttons. They are quite secure. The Gibson painted logo is still nice and bright. What a cool guitar!

The original Soft Shell Case is as nice as the guitar. All latches, leather handle and hinges are present and working. Even the accessory box is still with this original case. Nice tight fit for security for this historic Guitar. Very nice case for this outstanding guitar.

This guitar is beautiful but vintage and used so its sold as-is no returns. However,  I have been handpicking my customers guitars for close to 20 years now and they have all loved the guitars I found for them. This one will not be an exception.

Thanks for checking out our cool guitars ..

Lawman Mike at Lawman Guitars

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