1949 Sherwood by Kay Deluxe Jumbo Thin Twin Pickup Pro Setup Original Hard Shell Case

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Today, Lawman Guitars is Presenting...

A really cool well Played 1949 Sherwood, made by Kay, Deluxe Electric Archtop Guitar ......It has tons of player vibe, looks, and sound ...the guitar has great action, due to our Techs doing a complete neck reset, and plays just great. ….One of the best Kay Sherwood necks I have found on one of these Archtops.......

These cool Sherwoods were built by Kay Guitars from 1949 thru 1951 with the Jumbo Body and overlaid fancy Headstock. We found this guitar in one of our 1949 Montgomery Wards Catalog pages so we are calling it a 1949. It could also be a 1950 or 51. No serial numbers at that time to get a closer date.

This guitar is all original with the exception of the bridge and the added truss rod…Some previous owner had a Professionally installed truss rod to aid in neck angle and adjustment. This guitar would not have had this at this time. It was added. I didn’t add a truss rod cover over the truss rod area. I’ll let the next owner decide if they want that. The fingerboard was beefed up at that time and then they wisely left the neck off. We were happy we got it so we could complete the neck reset with our expert craftsmen Techs…They did a great job.

The bridge and pickguard could be replacements but they are really really old I suspect they are original but could be older replacements. The tuners are awesome. Open back individual Grovers...The original Astatic input jack is still with the guitar. Of course the guitar didn’t come with the proper cord so we also had our Techs build a brand new vintage look Astatic Jack guitar cord for your new guitar. It works great. See pics 14-16..

Lets talk about the pickup. Original Single coil that was the predecessor to the dual lipstick looking Thin Twin sported Guitar made famous by Jimmy Reed. Yes, it’s the same pickup. We have all loved the Kay Thin Twins as they sound so cool. Dark and smoky like the Blues demands. This pickup doesn’t disappoint. I was struck by how versatile it is. I played some blues then went into some really nice jazz tones. This pickup delivers! Wow… The jack plate still has the original pots and knobs. Even the stenciling on the plate is still in great shape!

This Jumbo guitar is in incredible shape. Some player really loved this guitar to add the truss rod. The frets are still in very good shape and the sunburst is just beautiful. It has a 17 inch jumbo body that’s 3 ½ inch deep. The nut measures 1 ¾ inches and it has a 26 INCH SCALE NECK. I was surprised at its length! Beautiful workmanship on this guitar that was built to compete with the Gibson and Epiphone guitars of the day…

There is nothing that detracts from the big booming sound of this cool guitar...It has really good low action and it sounds HUGE....If you have never heard one of these...you are in for a treat...They sound great!!..

The sound of these guitars are really 50's and 60's blues, jazz, country, and rock......It has a that distinctive Kay sound .....The neck is great.......the action is low and the neck is very comfortable to play..Not Strat low mind you, but very good for a 1940's Archtop... You will not want to put his one down when you get it .. it’s a blast to play......I have enjoyed playing it and know it will be a treasured guitar to whoever is lucky enough to get this guitar...

If that’s not enough…check out the original Stone Luggage original Hard Shell Case! All latches, hinges and original handle are still with it. The interior is also very nice … A great original home for your vintage guitar.

Now this guitar is beautiful but given its age it is sold as-is and is not returnable .. However, I have been hand picking my customers instruments for close to 20 years now..they all loved the guitars I found them.. This cool Sherwood not be an exception....

Thanks for checking out our cool guitars!

Lawman Mike at Lawman Guitars

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