1957 Silvertone Aristocrat Jumbo Archtop Sunburst Pro Setup Plays Great Hard Shell Case

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Today, Lawman Guitars is Presenting...

A really cool well Played 1957 Model 674 Silvertone Aristocrat Archtop Guitar ......It has tons of player vibe, looks, and sound ...the guitar has very good action and plays just great. Big Fat Baseball Bat Neck that does not need a neck reset....One of the best Silvertone necks I have found on one of these Archtops.......

These later cutaway cool Silvertones were built from 1956 thru 1957. This one has the later Block Fret Markers and the "S" Pickguard. It could be a 1956 but we'll call it a last year 1957 just to be sure...

Jumbo Archtop. The lower bout measures 17 1/4 inch and its 42 inches in total length. The arch top has not bellyed at all, and the neck is still nice and straight! No dead notes on this baby!! It has a big full handed 26 inch scale neck and the nut measures a full 1 3/4 inches. You big handed guys will love this one. Even with my hands I love the feel of this neck. Awesome!

This guitar is all original...the guitar is in very good shape as is the pickguard and tuners.. Great bold awesome acoustic sound from this archtop! Check out those original tuners..they are awesome …check those pics… Original pickguard, bridge and tailpiece as well on this old timer. There was a repair at some time around the bass F hole. Repaired well but the finish patching is not the greatest. Not bad just not perfect. See pic 6.

There is nothing that detracts from the big booming sound of this cool guitar...It has really good low action and it sounds HUGE....If you have never heard one of these...you are in for a treat...They sound great!!..

Heres some info on these cool guitars from my favorite website, Silvertone World…

The Kay-built 674 was the first so-called 'Aristocrat' in a line of wide-bodied, well-appointed acoustic and electric guitars that spanned more than a dozen years in the Silvertone line. Fresh out of a 'no guitars available' condition during the peak years of World War II, the newly-named Silvertone line of instruments grew rapidly, with the 674 one of the last out of the gate, along with the Gretsch-built (!) .

Introduced: 1956

Retired: 1957

The 674 set the tone for all the Aristocrats that followed; with its wide body, elaborate decorations and fanciful fingerboard inlays (the 674 itself boasting two iterations of fret markers). Where does the 'Aristocrat' nickname come from? Ya got me!

The sound of these guitars are really 50's and 60's blues, jazz, country, and rock......It has a that distinctive Harmony sound .....The neck is great.......the action is low and the neck is very comfortable to play..Only 3/16th of an inch between the frets and both the low and high E strings at the 12th fret. Great ACTION!! Not Strat low mind you, but excellent for a 1950's Archtop... You will not want to put his one down when you get it..its a blast to play......I have enjoyed playing it and know it will be a treasured guitar to who ever is lucky enough to get this guitar...

The shown Hard Shell Case is a Brand New Guardian. One little ding in the tolex but other than that, brand new... See pic 15.. A nice home for your vintage guitar.

Now this guitar is beautiful but given its age it is sold as-is and is not returnable..however, I have been hand picking my customers instruments for over 20 years now and they all loved the guitars I found them.. This cool Silvertone will be no exception....

Thanks for checking out our cool guitars!

Lawman Mike at Lawman Guitars

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