1957 Silvertone Kay made Thin Twin Neck reset Pro Setup Original Soft Shell Case

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Today, Lawman Guitars is Presenting..

A really cool and extremely well playing 1954 Kay built Silvertone Thin Twin Guitar with the original Softshell Case for it ..This is the second no logo Thin Twin we have had. The other was 5 years ago and was Kay model. You can tell them apart by the Pickguards. Kay’s have a tortoise look guard while the Silvertones have the white guard with Medallion.

What a find. This guitar, with the exception of a couple screws here and there, is all original. The Silvertone Medallion adorned Pickguard is completely intact, no cracks, and the pickups sound amazing…Original knobs, single line Kluson Tuners , tailpiece and knobs. WOW!

I am calling this guitar a 1957. Kay produced a no logo model for Sears in 1954 and appeared in their catalogs. The same model , with Kay Headstock logo was in the Sears catalogs from 1954 to 1958…This model never had a logo on it. So from that information, and that it has an adjustable truss rod that appeared in 1957, I am dating it a 1957 ..it could, however, be either a 1957 or 1958 but no later than that. The pots are all matched from 1947. We know the guitar is not that old. They must have had a supply of older pots to use. See pics… Check out the no logo Thin Twin Bob Dylan had..many pics of him with it on Google...he liked his with no logo. Good enough for Dylan, good enough for me!

What we had to do for this guitar is a complete neck off reset. The action was terrible on this guitar and given how good of shape the guitar was in, we decided to invest. I’m really glad we did. Jeff the Tech did a fantastic job and this guitar plays as well as my Gibsons ..What a pleasure to play. Nice beefy thick neck makes this guitar feel like playing Blues all nite on it. I love this guitar. It has a 25 3/4 inch scale neck with the nut measuring 1 11/16th inch. A big beefy neck on this beauty!

The pickups are incredible. Dark dark blues from the neck pickup, slightly out of phase with both, and screaming lead tones from the bridge. These pickups are very very strong. You will love them… The original frets still have plenty of life in them. See pics..

Heres some info I found on the net regarding these cool guitars made by Kay for Silvertone..

The Kay ThinTwin guitar. The Kay K-161 ThinTwin electric guitar made from 1952 to 1959, was one of the longest produced guitars by Kay Musical Instrument Company. The K161 Thin-Twin was commonly referred to as the "Jimmy Reed” guitar. Introduced not long after Gibson’s Les Paul, the ThinTwin was a semi-hollow body guitar and larger than its name "thin" implied. The guitar's body was 2 3⁄4 inches (70 mm) deep. "ThinTwin" was a reference to the unique appearance of the dual pickups, having a very slim profile.

Model 1381/1369 "Thin Twin" Manufactured by Kay was available from the Spring/Summer Sears catalog of 1954 through the Fall/Winter version going into early 1958. In the Spring/Summer catalog of 1957, the model number changed to 1369, and that number lasted until the retirement of the model in early 1958, being available in the Fall/Winter 1957 catalog.

This guitar is awesome. Plays great with the new neck reset, sounds amazing and has the original case…The case is as nice as the guitar. Its been around, but all latches, hinges and original handle are still here …very nice. The guitar has dings and scratches as expected on a 1954 guitar. It has nothing but superficial items ...no breaks or other items to disclose.

This guitar is very cool but vintage and used. Its sold as-is no returns. However, I have been hand picking my customers guitars for over 20 year now and they have all loved the instruments I find. This one will not be an exception.

Thanks for checking out our cool guitars..

Lawman Mike at Lawman Guitars

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