1959 Silvertone Sears Roebuck Wish Book Cowboy Guitar Original Christmas Box

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Today, Lawman Guitars is Presenting...

A 1959 Silvertone  Cowboy Guitar with Original Christmas Box. As Featured in the 1959 Sears Wish Book. Extremely RARE with the original box. Check those pics! ...Very Cool!!

What we have here is a great relic that is still very playable today. Most of these Cowboy Guitars have been beaten up and have so many missing parts, that if you can find one, it probably isn’t playable. This 1959 Sears Silvertone Guitar is in great shape. Very little play on this guitar. Check those frets and original wood nut. Most of the bridges on these have cracked over the years but this one still functions as it should. It is made by the Harmony Company of Chicago, IL and they were sold by Sears and Roebuck.

I got this one with the original Waverly Open Back Tuners, nut, tailpiece and the original Christmas Theme guitar box!!! What a time capsule. It is a 1959 ...see the date stamp in pic 9.

This guitar plays with very nice easy to play action so it is not a wall hanger. Our Tech did his magic on this guitar and lowered the bridge slightly and worked on the original nut to make this one play better than it did when it was brand new! No sore fingers playing this guitar. Its a Student model so its smaller than the standard Birch Stellas they were designed from. Its 32 inches long and 11 inches across the wide part of the body. This is not a toy however. It plays and sounds great! Nice 11 guage light acoutic Dr Ducks strings on this one. You will love it!

The top had shrunk some and the back was loose. We reglued those areas..see pic 8.

A great Showpiece or player that will get a lot of looks. Any vintage guitar collector would love to have this one in their collection.

Thanks for checking out our cool guitars!

Mike at Lawman Guitars

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