1960 Harmony H75 Triple DeArmond Gold Foil Pickups Pro Setup Original Case

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Today, Lawman Guitars is Presenting...

A really cool and Super CLEAN, first year, 1960 Harmony H-75 Guitar with the cool Harmony Blue Plush lined Soft Shell Case! It has 3 the super hot DeArmond Gold Foil Pickups that sound amazing !! ...... It has tons of player vibe, looks, and sound ...the guitar is Pro Setup and plays just great. One of the best Harmony necks I have found.....

This one is a first year, 1960 given the F-60 Date Stamp inside the sound hole. I have had many of these guitars and own two myself. This guitar is so early it doesn’t even have the Harmony upper bout strap button. These guitars were made to use the Headstock straps. Just like Elvis..LOL.... these guitars were made from 1960 through 1972 ..All original and set up to play great right out of the box!

The guitar is in incredible shape. Hardly any wear on the frets. Just a couple small finger divots in the top couple of frets…Dings and scratches of course and some finish crazing but no body cracks at all... It has the original pickguard, DeArmond Moustache Pickups and surrounds, Harmony tailpiece, bridge, switchs and switch tips, original electronics, truss rod cover, Overlaid Harmony Logo Headstock and tuners! All original and in great shape. This guitar is in fantastic shape!

There is nothing that detracts from the big booming sound of this cool guitar...It has super super low action and it sounds HUGE....If you have never heard these DeArmond Pickups...you are in for a treat...They sound great!!..Very full thick sound from these vintage Pickups!

Here’s the info from the Harmony site on these cool guitars…

[1962 catalog]
Harmony's newest and finest model H75 - double cutaway,,, triple pickup

- "Double Cutaway" - Highest registers easily fingered.
- Three pickups - DeArmond designed. With adjustable magnetic polepiece under each string
- "Ultra-Slim" narrow fingerboard - Short scale for easy chording.
- "Ultra-Slim" neck - with adjustable TORQUE-LOCK rod. Unfiform "feel" throughout.
- 9 controls - For infinite choice of tonal effects.
- "Ultra-Thin" arched tone chamber body.

The "double cutaway" TRIPLE electric will be played with pride by the finest performer. Its triple pickups, designed by DeArmond, will give brilliant and flexible response. Silent action switches permit selection of any of 7 combinations of pickup heads. Individual adjusting pole-pieces under each strings, on each pickup, permit the most critical adjustment for emphasis and balanced response.
Ovalled rosewood fingerboard has 8 large inlaid position markers. Individual tuning keys have metal buttons. Headpiece is engraved. ornamental tailpiece is modern design, chrome plated.
The gleaming polished shaped-brown mahogany finish on the curly maple ultra-thin arched body is in keeping with the professional quality of the Triple.
Size 15 3/4 x 40 1/2. Rim 2 inches deep. $250.00. C70 carrying case, keratol, plush lined, $22.50. C75 carrying case, 3 ply hardshell, $49.50.

The sound of these guitars are really 50's and 60's blues, jazz, country, and rock......It has a that distinctive Harmony sound .....The neck is great.......the action is low and the neck is very comfortable to play..You will not want to put his one down when you get it. It’s a blast to play......I have enjoyed playing it and know it will be a treasured guitar to whoever is lucky enough to get this guitar...

Ships in the shown original Harmony Blue Plush lined Soft Shell Case. All latches, hinges and original handle are still with it. Only some surface rust on the hinges keeps this case from being mint! A great home for your cool guitar!

This guitar is awesome but sold as-is no returns as its used and vintage. However, I have been hand picking my customers instruments for over 20 years now and they all loved the guitars I found them. This beautiful Harmony guitar will certainly not be an exception.

Thanks for checking out our cool guitars!

Lawman Mike at Lawman Guitars

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