1960 Silvertone by Danelectro Model 1419 U1 Dolphin Nose Pro Setup Hard Shell Case

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Today, Lawman Guitars is Presenting...

An awesome 1960 Danelectro made Silvertone Model 1419 U1 Dolphin Head Guitar.. Its in incredible shape for its age...the frets are still in wonderful shape .. see pics...It has hardly any dings or scratches.. Even the white side bindings are hardly yellowed.. You don't see many of these Danelectro Made Silvertones...

These cool guitars were first made in the winter of 1959…this 1960 model has to be one of the very early ones! We identified the model from the input jack on the side instead of the top and we dated it from the pot dated 1960 and the body cavity stamp..see pics 5 and 6 …

This cool Silvertone is all original … It has the correct Single Line Waverly Open back tuners on it. It also has the hard to find and original Hexagon Tuner Grommets on it.

All I had to do to this one is clean it up a little. The setup is great and we put new strings on it.... Great low action on this one... The Danelectro Lipstick Pickup sounds awesome in this bass. Very strong and commanding... This was one of the last Danelectro Made Silvertones…You can see their influence in all the Dano parts. Tuners, Pickguard, Lipstick Pickup, and Danelectro bridge tailpiece… All Masonite body as well…Just the Silvertone Logo…that’s about all that’s not Danelectro…

Heres some info I found on these cool guitars on the web..

. The 'Dolphin Nose' 14XX series was the end of the 6-string 'U' series of guitars offered by Sears. They carried on the standard of the 'lipstick' pickup, the classic cutaway look of the body, and features you couldn't see like the dual neck truss rods, internal shielding for the electronics, and (as the catalog put it) 'core of hardwood balanced by hollow wing sections,' all topped off by the famous 'modern headpiece.' These guitars finished what the 1375 started in 1954 and disappeared with the advent of the 1448/49/57 line in late 1962.

Fall/Winter 1959

Spring/Summer 1962

I am shipping it in the shown original Hardshell Case…It has much more wear on the outside than the guitar but the cool pool table green interior is just as nice as the guitar. It has all the correct hinges, latches and original handle. A great case for this cool guitar..

Sold as-is no returns as its vintage and used ..however… that I have been hand-picking vintage guitars for my customers for over 18 years now and they have all loved the guitars I found them…This cool Silvertone will certainly not be an exception.

Thanks for checking out our cool guitars.

Mike at Lawman Guitars

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