1960 Tosca by Supro Super Single Thunderstick Copper Valco Pickup Pro Setup Original Case

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Today, Lawman Guitars is presenting...

A 1960’s Vintage Super Rare Tosca made by Supro Shortscale Guitar with a Super Hot Supro Single Coil Pickup and the original case!

I call these the copper penny guitars…what beautiful color they have…It only has a couple dings and scratches .. see pics.. That neck pickup is a killer…single coil Valco made Supro pickup..if you haven’t heard one of these..expect to be impressed…no dating plate but they only made these guitars from 1958 thru 1960. They are the same model as the Supro 1506 and 1507 Super Single...I don't know who was marketing the Tosca brand. I can't find any information on that but its all Supro! The original Gold Kluson tuners are single line so it would be pre 1964 for sure …..It is Very Light!! ...It only weighs 5 lbs 4 ozs... It has a 22 inch short scale neck which makes it super easy to play....Great low action and a lot of fun...Very unique!! ... I have sold about a dozen of these cool guitars over the years. I love them and my customers love them as well. This one is the in the best shape of all I have found!

The Tosca brand was made by Supro or Valco in Chicago. They are all Supro. Neck, body, Pickups, Pickguard, and tailpiece. This one also has the Gold Kluson Deluxe Single Line Tuners. All ORIGINAL except the Supro Logo...these guitars look so incomplete without the logo. Forget about finding a Tosca logo so I replace them with the manufacturer, Supro!

Ever hear these Supro Pickups??...You are in for a treat...Very Hot and bright which made them very nice for early 60's Rock, but crank it up and it is a Blues Monster that cannot be ignored on stage...yes, its that good!!...The neck action is as good as it gets.. Our tech did a great job setting this guitar up...it has easy playing low low action...It is a pleasure to play........

Check out the original case. Its as nice as the guitar. Only a little dent in the butt end but in excellent shape. All hinges, latches and original handle are still there and the interior is great! Check those pics!

Now this guitar is really cool but its used and vintage so it is sold as-is no returns...However... I have been hand picking my customers instruments for over 20 years now and they have all loved the guitars I found for them...This cool Supro will certainly not be an exception....

Thanks for checking out our cool guitars.

Lawman Mike at Lawman Guitars

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