1960’s Conrad Baritone 3 Alinico Pickups Pro Setup Original Soft Shell Case

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Today, Lawman Guitars is presenting....A mid 1960's Conrad Baritone Guitar in great shape with the original Soft Shell Case!
This is not the same baritone I sold last month. That one was sold in about a minute..lol.... This is one just like it.One of the cleanest Conrad Baritone's we have had in the shop!

Check out the Video Demo....The attached demo is not of this guitar but just like it...Although this one is also excellent...This will be the 8th Conrad Baritone I have brought my customers here on Reverb.com in the last 6 months. My customers love them and I will keep searching for more.

I have sold about a dozen of these now and everyone is happy when they get them..They are much higher quality than the typical Teisco's...check out the Rosewood fingerboard.......This Guitar is ready to go.....It is truly a magical guitar....It plays great and it sounds even better...Ships in the original Soft Shell Case

Lets review whats original on this one....

It has the original Neck, Conrad Raised Logo, Head Stock, Tuners, Tuner grommets, nut, body, 3 Original Alnico Magnet Hot Pickups, Fully adjustable bridge, tailpiece, knobs, Switches, Kill Switch, Conrad branded Whammy Tailpiece , Whammy Bar, and Pickguard ......Whoa!!

Now lets see whats not original...


Jeff the tech did a great job with this one.....He worked on the neck to give it great easy playing action and it intonates all the way up the 21 frets... The neck is great...a full 1 5/8 inch at the nut.. the scale length as I said is 26 3/4 inch and its really easy to play...its lots of fun..it looks great.......This guitar is ready to rock for another 50 Years!! ..

Conrads and Blackstones are the Cadillacs of the Made in Japan Teiscos...very high quality parts and finishes.....the guitar is in great shape but still has dings and scratches..this one is in great shape! Just cosmetic dings and scratches as expected on 1960's vintage guitars. See pics....

Heres some info I found regarding Baritone Guitars on the web...

Baritone Guitar

The baritone guitar is a variation on the standard guitar with a longer scale length that allows it to be tuned to a lower range. It first appeared in the classical music realm. The Danelectro Company was the first to introduce the electric baritone guitar in the late 1950s, and the instrument began to appear in surf music as well as background music for many movie soundtracks, especially spaghetti westerns. In more recent history, the baritone guitar has found use within styles like rock, metal and improvised music. Some Baritone guitars may also have the capacity to be used as a bass guitar if strung correctly.

A standard guitar's standard tuning (from lowest string to highest) is E A D G B E. Baritone guitars are usually tuned a perfect fifth lower (A D G C E A), a perfect fourth lower (B E A D F♯ B), or a major third lower (C F B♭ E♭ G C). Gretsch, Fender, Gibson (EB-6), PRS Guitars, Music Man, Danelectro, Jerry Jones, Burns London and many other companies have produced baritone guitars since the 1960s, although always in small numbers due to low popularity.

Baritone guitars have larger bodies than standard guitars, especially in the case of acoustic instruments, and have longer scale lengths which allow the strings to be tuned lower while remaining close to or at normal tension. On a standard, steel-string, acoustic guitar, the scale length (the distance from the nut or string guide to the saddle on the bridge) is typically 24.9" to 25.7", and the strings range in diameter from .012" to .054". The scale lengths of various baritone designs range from 27" to 30.5", and the string gauges range from the normal .012 - .054" set to sets as thick as .017 - .095". Shorter-scale baritone guitars are more like long-scale guitars, having more midrange volume, whereas the longer scale lengths and heavier string sets give more bass to the instrument's timbre. Shorter scale baritones tend to be tuned C-C or B-B whereas longer ones are typically tuned A-A.

"Tic-tac bass" is a method of playing, in which a muted baritone guitar doubles the part played by the bass guitar, or double bass. This method is commonly used in country music.


This guitar is tuned to a B which is lower than the standard tuning of E on a 6 string guitar...you can put regular strings and tune this one standard..no problem, but it is meant to be played as a Baritone..Very cool sounding and playing guitar.


Check out the original Soft Shell Case! The Headstock area is a little weird but it fits this longer baritone guitar just great. Most cases won't work for these as the necks are slightly longer. Great case for this cool guitar!

It looks good, sounds good, and plays good...It has low easy playing action... it will all be pro-packed by yours truly...I do this a lot and have not had one complaint.... It has a few nicks and scratches as seen in the pics but it is a solid 9 out of 10 Guitar..

.....Now this guitar is beautiful but its used and sold as-is no returns..however...I have been hand picking my customers guitars for close to 20 years now and they all loved the guitars I found them ...This cool Conrad Baritone will certainly not be an exception...

Thaks for checking out our cool vintage guitars, amps and guitar parts!

Lawman Mike at Lawman Guitars

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