1961 Levin Model 124 Parlor Guitar Sweden New Strings Original Soft Shell case

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Today, Lawman Guitars is Presenting…

A really cool and RARE 1961 Made in Sweden, Levin Parlor guitar in beautiful Sunburst. This guitar is really cool and all original. The finish crazing on it reminds of a Gibson Guitar of the same vintage. Excellent Swedish Craftsmanship!

We found a bunch of information on the internet regarding Levin Guitars. We determined the model from the label inside the sound hole, modell nir 124 and the serial number stamped on the end of the headstock, 414599 which makes it a 1961.

The guitar is all original and yes, it has a classical guitar bridge on it with steel strings. They designed the guitar bracing to handle steel strings but wanted to use a classical bridge. Found that information on the Levin History page. Very clever use of bridges without having to design and build a pinless bridge for their guitars. The nut and saddle are obviously original. Nicely yellowed. The European Tuners are very nice with no bent stems. They work as they should. The frets are hardly used. It was very lightly played. The neck is nice and straight but it is not the lowest action playing guitar I have had. It plays like so many did back in the 1960’s. Not like we have today. We almost decided to do a neck reset but couldn’t justify the cost. It plays very nicely in the top 7 frets and will probably not get much play above 7 although it does play nicely up there. Just not Strat low! All we did was clean it up and put a new set of light gauge Phosphorus Bronze Strings on it! Its ready to play! One back crack that is stable. See pic 13.

The guitar is really nice looking. The sunburst has crazing like a Gibson and it sound really cool. Large sound from this Parlor sized guitar. It will be a lot of fun for the ultimate player. You don’t see many Levin guitars around. It is the first I have ever had. Very unique. I will look for more of these. I like them a lot.

Levin has been building guitar since the 1894. They built Goya guitars for the USA market in the 1950's for Martin, and also built guitars for Martin, Kay-Tone and Rondo. Check out the cool pics of the company we found. Pics 16 and 17.

Heres some info I found on the internet regarding these cool Levin Guitars…

Levin Model 124


Body width: 320 mm. (12 ½ inches)
Body length: 450 mm. (35 ¾ inches)
Body depth: 98 mm. ( 3 7/8 inches)
Fingerboard width: 45 mm. (1 ¾ inches)
Scale length: 595 mm. (23 ½ inch scale neck)
Spruce top with undetermined bracing.
Flame birch back & sides.
Single-bound top.
Unbound back.
Mahogany neck.
Unbound rosewood fingerboard.
Rosewood bridge.
Nickel plated tuners with white plastic buttons.
Sunburst finish.
One year warranty.

Introduced: ca 1955

In 1972 negotiations between the C. F. Martin & Co. and Levin results in that
C. F. Martin & Co. purchases Levin in June 1973.

A really cool unique Parlor guitar that plays and sounds wonderful. Ships in the shown original soft shell case that’s as nice as the guitar. All latches, hinges, original handle and accessory box are still with it. Nice home for your vintage guitar.

A cool guitar but sold as-is no returns as its used and vintage. However, I have been hand picking my customers instruments for almost 20 years now and they all loved the guitars I found them. This cool Levin will certainly not be an exception.

Thanks for checking out our cool guitars.

Lawman Mike at Lawman Guitars

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