1965 RCA Victor SG-12 Music Messenger Red Pro Setup Original Case and Candy Origami

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Today, Lawman Guitars is Presenting…

A very RARE and completely original 1965 Made in Japan RCA Victor Model SG-12 Music Messenger Dual Pickup guitar … its in excellent condition. It includes the original RCA Victor Case, original whammy bar, and check out the case candy!! Even the original plastic strap, input cord branded Victor, and a small origami from Japan! WOW!!! Check those pics..

We didn't even need to send this one to the Tech's. Great action on this beautiful Made in Japan guitar. No sore fingers with this one. All the electronics  are operating as they should. The dual Pickups sound awesome in this guitar. These are some of the best MIJ Pickups out there. Only a couple dings and such to keep us from calling this guitar mint. Its in really great shape for its age.

The guitar is 100% original. The mirror'd pickguard and whammy plate look brand new. Even the whammy plate has Victor stamped into it. Check pic 4. Original tuners, truss rod cover, whammy bar, knobs, wiring, PLASTIC original bridge like Guyatones, and of course that case!!!

The case is as awesome as the guitar. Hardly any wear on the inside and outside only fading. No damage at all. All latches, hinges and handle are present. It even is stamped RCA Victor on the outside. See pic 16.

Case Candy?? You bet. All had been kept in this guitar case since 1965. The original plastic Strap in there, the original cord stamped Victor is there, see pic 18, and just so you know if was over in Japan originally, a small paper origami ...so cool . See pic 19.

Heres some info I found on the net regarding these cool guitars….

These Made in Japan guitars are well made, and sound outstanding. These have occasionally been mislabeled on the internet as RCA Victor guitars, but they are not related to RCA, as during World War II RCA America and Japan split and went their separate ways. These guitars were produced and sold for roughly two short years by JVC (Japan Victor Corporation). These guitar were also sometimes sold under the NIVICO name (Nippon Victor Corporation)

They are not a copy of any other guitar, and have a host of unique features, mostly because the electronics were made and supplied by JVC, and are of incredibly good quality, much higher than what was typically found in Japan at that time. The bodies were from the famous Matsumoku Guitar Factory in Nagano, Japan. I believe that JVC simply provided fully assembled pickguards (and what a pickguard it is! Would probably stop a bullet.) to the Matsumoku factory, who then just dropped them into the body.

Its cool but sold as-is no returns as its used and vintage. However, I have been hand picking my customers guitars for over 20 years now and they all love the guitars I find. This one will not be an exception.

Thanks for checking out our cool guitars.

Lawman Mike at Lawman Guitars

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