1965 Vox Tornado All Original Pro Setup Sunburst Original Vox Hard Shell Case

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Today, Lawman Guitars is Presenting…

A really cool and RARE Vintage Guitar. A 1965 Vox Tornado with the original Hard Shell Case.

I played in a band back in the 1960’s that was sponsored by a Vox Dealer. We used a lot of Vox guitars and amps. I am drawn to Vox instruments and have sold many to my happy customers. See pic 13.

These cool guitars were only made from 1965 thru 1967 so its one of those years. Its all original including the awesome Vox Hard Shell Case…. It is an awesome guitar. Most of these have been parted out or are all broken up. This one is nicely preserved and the finish still looks great. These guitars were made by EKO in Italy…Very good quality.. No body cracks, only finish cracks and crazing. The pickguard has lost some of the original color to its stencilling. It was imprinted however and you can still see the Vox and Tornado imprinted into the pickguard. See pic 5...

The neck feels great. Awesome low action for fast easy playing and fretting. We had our Techs set this one up with great action… The original frets still have lots of life left in them. The Pickup sounds strong and very unique. Very mid-rangey with some British Twang!

Heres some info I found on the web regarding these cool guitars.

The V247  Vox Tornado guitar was offered in the 1966 and 1967 North American Vox  “Its What Happening” catalogs. The Vox Tornado was imported from EKO Musical Instruments of  Recanati, Italy by Thomas Organ of CA its USA distributor. It was sold solely in North America and made no appearances in European Vox Catalogs. This semi-acoustic arch top guitar featured a single cutaway, bound body and F holes.

The 21 fret 25 ½ inch scale bolt on neck featured an adjustable truss rod, white binding, and a zero nut. The neck was 1 5/8 inch wide at the nut and 2 inches wide at the 12th fret. The head stock was shaped to resemble the swirl of a tornado and was equipped with two strips of open gear tuner keys. A deal on the back of the head stock stated the guitar was made in Italy for Vox.

The 2 ½ inch body was 15 inches across at the lower bout. It was offered in Transparent red, brown or Sunburst. A floating white plastic pickguard featured the name of the guitar.

An individual single coil pickup with exposed pole pieces and matching white pickup ring was mounted near the neck. A pair of rotary controls adjusted volume and tone.

A non- compensating floating bridge rested on the body. The bridge provided two adjustable thumb wheels to adjust height. The Tornado also included a chrome plated trapeze style tailpiece.

Be sure to check out the pics of the original case! All the latches and hinges work as they should. The original handle is still present and there are no funny odors inside. The interior still has very nice gold plush lining and the accessory box is still in it! Those are always missing! A great case for your really cool Vox Guitar!

This guitar is super cool but used and vintage so it will be sold as-is no returns. However, I have been hand picking my customers guitars for over 18 years now and all have loved the guitars I found them. This cool Vox will certainly not be an exception.

Thanks for checking out our cool vintage guitars!

Mike at Lawman Guitars

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