1968 Burns/Baldwin Virginian All Original Pro Setup ORIGINAL Hard Shell Case

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Today, Lawman Guitars is Presenting…

A really cool, unique, and RARE Guitar. A 1968 London England made Burns/Baldwin Virginian WITH, the original Baldwin Hard Shell Case. You never see these cases still with these guitars!

The History of Burns/Baldwin Guitars..

Burns is an English manufacturer of electric six string and bass guitars, founded by Alice Louise Farrell (1908–1993) and James Ormston (Jim) Burns (1925–1998) in 1959. The company was first named Burns-Weill, then renamed Ormston Burns Ltd. At its peak, in the 1960s, it was the most successful guitar company in England.

Ormston Burns Ltd. was bought up by Baldwin Piano Company in 1965, and the company was renamed Baldwin-Burns. Burns guitars were reintroduced in 1991 under the name Burns London, and the product line now includes a collector's edition of the first model the company produced.

This Burns/Baldwin guitar is beautiful and all original including the whammy bar. The only malady I could find is a previous owner imprinted his name and ssn on the bridge plate. See pic 3…it looks like it belongs there. Almost the same script as the Burns signature… Also, the back plate shrunk a little so one of the tips has broken. See pic 12… Some finish crazing on the pretty top, a little binding shrinkage, and some various dings and scratches as expected from a guitar from 1968. It’s really cool and in very good condition. The Zero Fret aids in little fret and nut wear. Check those pics!

Our Tech set the guitar up with a new set of 11 gauge strings. We used electric guitar strings instead of acoustic strings. I think they sound better. It could use either. The guitar plays with effortless playing action. What a pleasure to play. It sounds great with the dual Burns designed single coil pickups. It has volume for both pickups and a master tone pot. 3 Way switch for a great variety of sounds on this cool guitar. I can see a Country or Country Rock Star using this guitar. It looks so cool. Check out that Headstock. Very Burns Baldwin looking and I love the scroll look!

Heres some info I found on the internet regarding these cool guitars…

Baldwin - Burns Virginian Model Semi-Hollow Body Electric Guitar, made in London, England, natural polyester finish, laminated mahogany body, flamed sycamore top, maple neck.

The Virginian is one of the rarer Burns guitars, and one of the best-playing and sounding of this eccentric but always interesting line. Introduced at the beginning of 1965, this was just about Jim Burns' final design for the company that bore his name until September 1965, when Baldwin took over the operation. The model was in production until the late 60's, but many features were changed in mid-1966 when Baldwin 'standardized' the line.

While appearing initially to be an amplified flat top round-hole acoustic, the Virginian is really a fully electric semi-hollow guitar with a laminated mahogany body and flamed sycamore top. The two "Bar-O-Matik" pickups are mated to the patented fully adjustable "Rezo-Tube" bridge. The "full-scroll" neck is shared with the "Marvin" guitar, although the Virginian has a shorter scale.

The unusual three-knob "density" tone circuit was one of Jim Burns' latest creations at the time, consisting of a stacked pickup with a blendable second coil in the neck position combined with a single-coil at the bridge. The heavily braced cutaway mahogany body was called the "Controlled Resonance" design.

Jim Burns himself was extremely proud of this instrument, which was completely unlike most guitars in existence in 1965. Despite its hybrid appearance, the guitar handles very well and the sound is extremely bright and clear for a full-size hollow instrument.

Overall length is 42 inches,  16 1/2 inches  wide at lower bout, and 2 5/8 inches in depth. Neck Scale length is 24 1/2 inches.  Width of nut is 1 11/16 inches.

Baldwin-Burns Virginian 1965 -1969

By the mid 1960’s Burns was a dominant name in the UK, and the company was bought by Baldwin in 1965. The Virginian was the last guitar Jim Burns designed for his company.
We now see many thinline acoustic-electric guitar models, but in 1965 the Virginian was groundbreaking and unique. Built with a laminated mahogany body and heavily braced “controlled resonance” sycamore top, it sported a pair of Bar-O-Matik pickups with a three-knob tone density circuit, and the patented Rezo-Tube vibrato bridge. The scroll-head maple neck has a rosewood fingerboard and zero fret. The scale length is 24.5 inches and the nut width 1 11/16 inches. The Burns company was sold to Baldwin shortly after this guitar was introduced.

The guitar plays and sounds great. It looks like a flat top acoustic but sounds like a hollow body electric. Very cool. I love the sound of the Burns Pickups. Also very unique.

Check out the original Baldwin Logo Hardshell Case. You would never find one of these if it wasn’t included. Specially made to accommodate this very large guitar and it fits it perfectly. All latches, hinges, and original handle are still with it. Great case for this incredible guitar.

Sold as-is no returns as its used and vintage, however, I have been hand picking my customers instruments for almost 20 years now and they all loved the guitars I found them. This cool Burns Virginian is certainly not going to be an exception.

Thanks for checking out our cool guitars.

Lawman Mike at Lawman Guitars

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