1968 Kustom Zebrawood K200 DeArmond Semi Hollow Natural Original Hard Shell Case

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Today Lawman Guitars is Presenting..

A beautiful all original 1968 Kustom K200 Guitar WITH the original Kustom Deluxe Hardshell Case. You never see these guitar with the correct case!

This cool guitar needed nothing but a new set of 10 guage Super Slinkys and a good cleaning…The setup was already terrific. I just restrung and played it for about an hour. What a cool Guitar. Plays like a dream. If you like Mosrites, you will like this guitar. It about plays itself. The frets are very low by design for super fast low playing action. As good as it plays, the original DeArmond Pickups are massive. Great tone from these super powerful pickups….  I love these!

These short lived guitars were only made from 1967 thru 1969.. We cannot verify the exact date of this one. We are calling it a 1968..its one of these years.

Heres some info on these cool guitars from the intenet…

The idea for a Kustom guitar began in 1966, when Bud Ross, founder of Kustom and some other local guitarists got together a design for an electric guitar. At that time there was a guitar manufacturing factory just starting up in Neodesha Kansas. According to Ross, he approached the Neodesha factory with the Kustom design and they agreed to produce them, with Kustom marketing the guitars under the Kustom name.

According to Ross, this plant did indeed produce some of the guitars he’d designed, but instead of delivering them to Kustom, the guitars were sold to Wurlitzer and bore the Wurlitzer logo. Wurlitzer did, in fact, market solid-body electric guitars manufactured by the Neodesha factory, although whether or not the styles most frequently found are the ones designed by Bud Ross and friends is uncertain. Needless to say, Ross was bummed out and he forgot about guitars. Until, that is, one day in 1967 when one Doyle Reeding came knocking at his door.

Reeding had been a local woodworking teacher who quit teaching to work over in Neodesha at the guitar factory. For one reason or another, Reeding and the guitar factory had parted company. Reeding had some ideas for a guitar and wanted to make them for Ross. At about this time the Neodesha factory went out of business, but the chronology here has become a little fuzzy with the passing of time.

In any case, Reeding moved to Chanute in the fall of 1967 and he and Ross set up the guitar making factory. Another woodworking teacher was hired, Wesley Valorie, and the three (well, mostly Reeding and Valorie) set about designing and making Kustom guitars.

Kustom guitars, with a design completely different from the Wurlitzer model, debuted in the summer of 1968. They were semi-hollow bodies made of four pieces of wood. Two were glued together and hollowed out, making a front, another two a back, and then glued together to complete the guitar. The thin fast necks were bolted on and had a curved truss rod design. Pickups were DeArmond, vibratos by Bigsby. Input for the design was provided by none other than country guitar wizard Roy Clark, who several years previously had listened to Ross’ amplifiers and who later became a Kustom amp endorser.

It’s easy to see why someone would think that either Rickenbacker or Moseley had something to do with these guitars. The body, with its single cats-eye sound hole, has a very Rick look to it, and the neck, skinny two piece maple with zero fret, could easily seem like a Mosrite. Even the knobs look Rickenbacker. However, these were the original (wherever they got their inspiration) and hail from Kansas.

It was a semi-hollow body (made of two pieces of wood) instrument with a cats-eye sound hole on the upper bout and controls on the lower bout, which gave the appearance of a Rickenbacker style guitar.

The guitar came with dual single coil DeArmond pickups, a more or less Gretsch style adjustable bridge and a control panel on the guitars scratch plate that included individual volume and tone controls for each pick up a Gibson style toggle switch and a front mounted input jack and of course the Bigsby. The bolt-on neck was topped with a rosewood fretboard inlaid with four dots for each position marker below the 12th fret. The 12th fret had 3 position marker and subsequently there were 2 markers at the high G and high A fret, then one each at the B fret and C sharp fret. The neck was bound and had a steel nut.

The headstock shape is somewhat similar to the Moseley design, with its curved opposing sides.

The guitars came in several different colors including natural, white, blue, wine burst aka watermelon burst, cherry-orange sunburst, natural ash, black ash and white ash.

The guitars were also produced with or without the Bigsby. The non-Bigsby models bore a trapeze tailpiece.

This cool Kustom is made with solid Zebra Wood…yes, its not stained to look like this, its zebra wood and looks very distinctive. The guitar is very light at only 6 lbs 7 ozs.. the original metal nut measures 1 9/16ths and it has a 24 ½ inch scale neck… The knobs look like the same knobs I remember from the Kustom Amps. I always thought they looked so cool. Zero nut, Kluson Double Line Tuners and Every thing incluing the original Kustom label is still inside the sound hole. See pic 6..

The case is as cool as the guitar. The lining had worn out so the previous owner had it relined. I have never seen this done before and it was a great job. It looks great. The accessory box is still in it as well as the neck restraint strap. No doubt about the case…check out the Kustom by Ross Metal Logo plate on the case… very cool….see pic 13 .. The previous owner even included the truss rod tool in the case. Great original case for this incredible guitar.

Sold as-is no returns as its vintage and used..However, I have been hand picking my customers intruments for over 18 years now and they all loved the guitars I found them. This cool Kustom will certainly not be an exception.

Thanks for checking out our cool guitars...

Mike at Lawman Guitars

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