2007 Danelectro 63 Reissue Model 1449 New Old Stock Pro Setup Dano Gigbag

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Today, Lawman Guitars is Presenting…

A really cool mint, 2007 Danelectro 63’ Reissue Model 1449 Guitar with original Danelectro Amp in Bag Gigbag! These Reissue models from 2007 and 2008 are really hard to find now. I only found a handful on the internet...Check this one out!!

I bought 3 of these really cool Made in China Reissues because I thought they were excellent representations of the 1963 Danelectro Models we all loved back in the day. I got 3 different colors with cases and promply forgot I had them…LOL…I meant to sell them as New Old Stock in 10 years but missed it by one year. I bought these 2007 Models back in 2007 and have not played them at all. They all still have the warranty cards as well as the dano hang tags on the gig bags…. I am presently only selling the black one. Stay tuned for the others soon.

I had Jeff the Tech set this one up with new 10 guage strings and adjusted it for excellent playing action. No sore fingers with this one. The Lipstick pickups sound awesome and Jeff noted it would sound incredible as a slide guitar. Plenty of tone in these pickups. This one has the Black finish, not black sparkle as the sell now and the white pickguard and vinyl tape on the sides are starting to nicely yellow with age. It will take a couple more years, but they will age out and look really cool as the years go by.

We checked dates of these with Danguitars and these models were all made in 2007 and 2008 in China. I wanted to double check the years as you cannot tell dates from the serial numbers.

Heres some info I found on the internet regarding these cool guitars…

Surf’s Up

Like the Dano’s of yore, the ’63 is constructed of a Masonite top and back, with a chambered core. (The modern version uses plywood as opposed to poplar.) This makes the guitar sturdy, light, and very acoustically responsive. An age-stained vinyl tape surrounds the edges of the guitar, applied with an adhesive. In 1963 this tape was used to cover the seam in the two-piece body construction, but here it’s just to preserve the aesthetic look of the original. The tape on my review instrument (the gold version) was well sealed in all parts, except for a slight crease on the treble horn. The pickguard is also covered with this material, cut precisely around the edges and perfectly flat with no creases or bubbles.


The ’63 features a bolt-on maple neck with a 25" scale length and 19-fret rosewood fingerboard. The back of the neck is painted a satin black all the way up to and surrounding the headstock. The C-shaped neck has a smooth and comfortable feel and is medium shallow, and so would be good for smaller hands. All the frets were securely seated and an filed smooth. There was absolutely no issues with workmanship here, including the fret slots of the aluminum nut. The guitar played well in all region of the neck, except that the body joins the back of the neck at the 13th fret making high-lead playing (at 15th position and above) less than ideal. The high-ratio, sealed gear tuners were solid-feeling with no slippage, and the zero-gloss nickel plating matched well the pickups and bridge hardware.


Twang, Dang, Doodle

Because the guitar is chambered, it is plenty loud when played acoustically. The sound is quite bright, but still well balanced, with plenty of bass oomph, and I was hoping this quality would carry over when I plugged it in. I tried the ’63 in two amps, a Matchless Chieftain 15 and a Fender Vibro-King. Sure enough, the Dano’s pickups were loud and bright—just as the guitar itself was in the acoustic domain.


Overall, the pickups were balanced more than punchy or edgy in either the neck or bridge pickup positions. They both retained an even, acoustic quality when played by themselves. Also, there was no noticeable volume increase when the bridge pickup was selected, and in fact the level dropped off a little when compared with the neck pickup. Both pickups were pleasing and usable, but they didn’t push the envelope in either direction—neither booming in the rhythm nor piercing in the bridge.


However, with the switch in the middle position, the guitar suddenly came alive. The volume jumped up considerably, the low-mids suddenly became warmer and fuller, and the bass punch and treble twang didn’t seem to lose anything for being combined in this middle position. As well, it sounded terrific—perfect for jangly, Heartbreakers- and Byrds-type rhythm playing, and with enough crackle to play some lead fills or bass runs. The middle position retains the best qualities of the outside pickups while adding a vitality of its own and an increased jump in volume.


This guitar is really fun to play and reminds me of the 1960’s we all lusted after in the Sears Catalogs…I always wanted one when I was 11 but am making up for lost time now with 3..LOL…

The Danelectro Gig bag originally came with a Dano transitor sized amp. Those are long gone. The case, however, is really cool and, like the guitar, is new old stock…Only stored here in my shop for 11 years now… Check those pics!

This guitar out fit is really cool but sold as is no returns. However, I have been hand picking my customers instruments for them for close to 20 years now and they all loved the guitars I found them. This cool Dano will certainly not be an exception.

Thanks for checking out our cool guitars.

Lawman Mike at Lawman Guitars

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