2018 BiLT S.S. Zaftig Daphne Blue Mastery Bridge Burns Trisonic Pickups Mono Vertigo Gigbag

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Today, Lawman Guitars is Presenting..One of our newest additions to the Lawman Guitars line of fine guitars.

A Brand New 2018 S.S. Zaftig Guitar with original Mono Gigbag Case. This particular guitar is finished in Daphne Blue and has a partchment Acrylic Pickguard, Masterery Bridge and Vibrato, Johnny Marr 5 way pickup selector plate, and 3 upgraded Burns Trisonic Pickups. They used maple on the medium C shape neck with a 9.5" radius. What a guitar!!

Lawman Guitars is now an Authorized BILT Guitar Dealer. These really cool Handmade guitars are made right here in Des Moines Iowa. Built by two Luthiers Tim Thelen and Bill Henss…They started building custom guitars for a great line up of Bands, such as Imagine Dragons, Nels Cline of Wilco, Wes Borland of Limp Bizkit and many others. Notable players from the Des Moines Music Scene include Envy Corps and The Nadas.

Here is some info on the builders…


BilT Guitars is owned and operated by Bill Henss and Tim Thelen in Des Moines, Iowa. Rather than go into the usual bio stuff, we thought you might like a look at our philosophy about making guitars.

We're a small company

Unless the proverbial ship comes in, you will more than likely be talking directly to the guy who is going to be carving your neck. You know, we actually like it that way because we can find out exactly what you need and deliver it. We actually care. In our opinion, the best marketing is word of mouth. We will go to great lengths to make sure you are satisfied with your guitar. Happy owners make better music and that makes us happy… so we’re all happy.


We employ the latest building techniques as of about 1949 which includes hand tools and some machines powered by induction motors. Not to say we wouldn’t love having all of our parts arrive via long slow boat from china and we just assemble and pay for magazine ads. That’s just not in the cards, so we have to make everything by hand.

No fancy dancy woods

Not that we don’t appreciate the beauty, there are just plenty of folks making guitars with AAAAAAA, double star, prehistoric growth, eyeball flipping, got it from the bottom of a swamp etc. grades of woods. We drive to our supplier, sort through stacks of alder & maple and pick out nice plain clear boards that rock your face off.


This particular guitar is the S.S. Zaftig Model. Whats a Zaftig? You’ll have to google that…This particular guitar was finished in Daphne Blue and of course sports the awesome Mastery Vibrato and Bridge. Incredible Burns Trisonic Pickups. This guitar sounds as cool as it looks. What a Player!

Heres the details of this cool guitar…


Alder, chambered (semi-solid)


Hard maple,  25.5" scale, 9.5" radius, 2 way truss rod, bone nut


Kluson tuners, Mastery bridge and tremolo


Parchment Acrylic


Burns Trisonic (3)

Neck Finish:

Satin finish

Finish Color:

Daphne Blue

It ships in the really cool Mono Vertigo Hybrid Gigbag Case. I love Mono Gigbags. I used one every day for my Vintage Gibson J45. They protect better than a Hard Shell Case and are easier to get around with!

Stay tuned for more BiLT Guitars from our Shop. I expect to have many more in the future.

Thanks for checking out our new line of BiLT Guitars. Be sure to check out all of our cool vintage guitars as well.

Lawman Mike at Lawman Guitars

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