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Today, Lawman Guitars is Presenting..

A Brand New, fresh from the shop, New Old Stock, 2014 Fender American Vintage ’58 Telecaster in Translucent White that shows the incredible Ash Body grain…Coupled with with the really cool Vintage Look Fender Brown Case and All Case Candy including Certificate of Authenticity and its unregistered. You will be the first owner if you choose this awesome guitar.

It had been for sale since 2014 in a shop that I found. I have watched this guitar for a long time and finally grabbed it for one of my lucky customers. Its absolutely beautiful in the vintage white Trans Finish and it sound incredible. It has a lightweight ash only weighs 6 lbs 9 ozs…Maple neck with D shape, Staggered Pole Pieces, Barrel Knobs and the NEW Fender Flash Coat Laquer finish…this guitar is gorgeous…. Check those pics…

All I did was clean it up and put new strings on it. I’ll leave the fine tuning of the setup to the new owner. I didn’t adjust or touch the nut. Let your tech set it up to your preferences.

We dated it from the dates in the neck pocket. 2014 ….You can’t tell from the serial number with these…

The American Vintage Fender instruments were designed to be as accurate of a reproduction as the iconic instruments they were made to emulate. This includes a thin nitrocellouse lacquer finish that has the feel and characteristics of the vintage instruments Fender was known for. Possible finish checking and wood grain texture are the normal result of duplicating these finishes. This guitar has one ding on the back from shop handling. See pic 9.

Heres what the Fender Website had to say about these cool guitars....

Vintage 1958 Telecaster Style

For the guitarist who craves pure vintage Fender style, the American Vintage series presents original-era model year guitars built with meticulous attention to accurate detail that bring Fender history and heritage to authentic and exciting new life.

Original-era rock 'n' roll was in full swing in 1958, and the Telecaster was right there with it, already a must-have instrument for working guitarists nationwide. Built using original tooling and based on early 1958 models we tracked down, the U.S.-made American Vintage '58 Telecaster is a must-have model for the guitarist who appreciates its place in music history, a transitional year when the Tele took on subtly stylish new design touches, including a "D"-shaped neck profile and staggered bridge pickup pole pieces.

The American Vintage '58 Telecaster harkens back to early 1958, when the Telecaster graduated from its original U-shaped neck profile-a real handful-to a still-large but more comfortable D-shape for its maple neck. Other spot-on early-'58 touches are here too, such as a lightweight ash body, staggered bridge pickup pole magnets, solid steel "barrel" bridge saddles, a single-ply white pickguard, "top-hat" switch tip, flat-top knurled aluminum chrome control knobs and more.

1958 was an important year for the Telecaster because that's when slimmer necks started appearing on the instrument, and when (in early-year models) string-through bridges with solid-steel saddles first showed up, magnifying the guitar's prized signature twang.

Rather than just replacing the previous models with different ones, Fender have completely and comprehensively re-imagined the entire vintage-reissue concept-restoring original tooling dies, voicing new pickups, reformulating vintage colors and more-based on actual vintage guitars.


  • Ash body
  • Early-1958 neck with "D"-shaped profile
  • Specially voiced pickups, including staggered bridge-pickup pole magnets
  • Single-ply white pickguard
  • "Top hat" switch tip and flat-top knurled chrome control knobs
  • String-through-body bridge with three solid-steel "barrel" saddles

Flash-Coat Lacquer Finish

The term flash-coat lacquer refers specifically to the quickly applied thin and final "flash" of topcoat lacquer applied to most American Vintage instruments. The composition and method of application for this finish layer lets an instrument "breathe" with a more natural resonance, and imparts a more authentically vintage appearance.

Newly Voiced American Vintage Pickups

American Vintage instruments feature specially voiced pickups meticulously researched and crafted to reproduce the authentic design, voice and performance of specific instruments from individual model years in the 1950, ’60s and ’70s. Their superior sound and style is one of the defining hallmarks of the American Vintage series.

Period Correct Neck Profiles

This instrument’s "D" neck profile (the shape of the neck in cross section) is sculpted to the most accurate period-correct spec possible, imparting an authentic vintage playing feel straight from the individual model year. A broad-shouldered, almost "U"-like profile, but more shallow and typically used on thinner necks

Improved Neck and Body Radii Accuracy

The meticulous vintage authenticity of this instrument even extends to carefully researched measurements of the various degrees of rounding on the edges of the body, neck and headstock. These subtleties are reproduced here with Fender’s highest-yet level of period-correct accuracy, and contribute to a truly faithful vintage-instrument experience

Period-Correct Cases and Case Candy

American Vintage instruments are complemented by cases that are every bit as vintage-authentic as the guitars and basses they so stylishly contain, accompanied by a fascinating wealth of in-case reproduction extras and accessories, such as straps, cables, polishing cloths, wiring kits, bridge covers, owner’s manuals and more.

Again, this guitar is brand new and you will be able to register it in your name. Its been in the shop since 2014 waiting for the right buyer. Is that you?

The Case is as cool as the guitar. Brown with Fender Gold Plush interior… It has all the Fender Case Candy and Hang Tags in there along with the Warranty info. See pics…

Sold as-is as its only new once. However, I have been hand picking my customers instruments for over 18 years now and they all loved the guitars I found for them. This gorgeous Gibson will certainly not be an exception.

Thanks for checking out our cool guitars.

Mike at Lawman Guitars

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