Prewar 1942 Supertone “Singing Cowboys” Guitar Idento Tailpiece Pro Setup Original Soft Shell Case

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Today, Lawman Guitars is Presenting..

A really cool Prewar, 1942 Supertone, "Singing Cowboys" Model Cowboy Guitar, sold in Sears Stores and made by Harmony of Chicago IL. It is all original and includes the shown Soft Shell case.

The "Singing Cowboys” Guitars were made by Harmony only from 1938 to the Fall of 1943. They were sold thru the Sears Catalogs. I identified this one as a 1942 from the S42 Date stamp in the sound hole area. Sadly, they discontinued this graphic scene only one year later in 1943. Don't mistake this as one of the later Singing Cowboys guitars. They were reissued from 1951 thru 1963...You can further identify this Prewar model from the "Idento" Tailpiece. It has a flat surface for the initial set of stickers that came with the guitar...Very cool!

If you have been following my Shop, you know by now I sell a lot of these cool Cowboy Stenciled Guitars. I have lots of them hanging on the wall of my shop and most are unplayable. This one however is not only playable, it has excellent playing action. Out Techs were really happy that no neck reset was required on this one...Great playing action... No sore fingers with this one. This is the perfect campfire guitar or to hang on your wall. I just hope someone gets this one to play it. Its playable American History!

The parts are all Harmony made and original. It has the Waverly Open Back Harmony Tuners, Black Tuner buttons, Original Wood nut, Harmony "Idento" tailpiece and bridge. You can see a pic of one of these in my Cowboy Guitar Book. See pic 15…

It has some dings, scratches, and finish missing in spots. All honest wear. It looks cool and is structurally sound now. Excellent shape for 1942...

The Original Soft Shell Case is also very nice. The accessory box is there but theres not much left of the original handle. The original metal part is still with it but the leather surround for it has disappeared…Other than that, it’s a real nice authentic case for your cool Cowboy Guitar.

Some lucky buyer is going to be really happy they got this cool Cowboy guitar. They don't come up often and sell quickly when they do. It is sold as-is no returns as it vintage and used..However, I have been hand-picking my customers guitars for close to 20 years now and we have had nothing but happy customers. This cool Cowboy Guitar will not be an exception.

Thanks for checking out our cool guitars.

Lawman Mike at Lawman Guitars

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