Video Demo 1967 Harmony H-25 Sillouette Bass Guitar DeArmond Pro Setup Original Soft Shell Case

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Today, Lawman Guitars is Presenting...

A Super RARE 1967 Harmony H-25 Solid Body Bass Guitar with the original Harmony Gray and White Softshell case ….It has the original DeArmond Goldfoil Pickup that sounds great!!! ..It was dated to 1967 which makes it an early one ..They were made from 1966 to 1971..In 1972 they changed model numbers and made it a two pickup model....

Be sure to check out the Video Demo we did for another one of these basses..its not this one but one just like it! Awesome Basses!

This only the third one of these basses I have ever laid hands on. I sold the last one 2 years ago. The new owner loved it so much, he asked me to find another for a spare. Its taken me this long to score another and unfortunately for him, I can’t remember who he is. Maybe he will see this one listed!

This guitar is as good a player as it is beautiful...Check out that original Harmony Gray Softshell Case...thats super rare itself and to have all latches, hinges, and handle functional...Even the accessory box is still with it...Whoa...Check pics 10 and 11!

This guitar was in really great shape when we got it ..All I had to do was lightly clean it and set it up.. just some minor dings and almost looks unplayed..check out those frets! ..this guitar is in great shape...

It appears to not been played a lot .. The Truss rod cover is complete. Those usually have at least one corner cracked off. The tuners are in great shape… The switches work great. They give the single pickup guitar a couple more voices from lead and treble, to even deeper bass sounds. Does that with capacitors… We had to replace the felt on the bridge mute .. it was shot and brittle …Nothing needs to be done to this bass. The Flat Wound Strings are in great shape and it sounds awesome! A Very Cool Bass guitar!!

I had this bass set up when we got it....The neck action is as good as it has easy playing action...It is a pleasure to play...The neck is super fast and comfortable....The DeArmond pickup sounds great ...This is quite the bass guitar that still has the original CASE!!

Check out that original Harmony Case! Its in as nice of shape as the guitar. All latches, hinges, accessory box and original handle are still with it. The red plush interior is just beautiful! Great case for your great Bass!!

Sold as-is no returns as it used and vintage..however... I have been hand-picking my customers guitars for over 20 years now and my customers love my guitars …This one will not be an exception..

Thanks for checking out ourcool guitars!

Lawman Mike at Lawman Guitars

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