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Since 2002, Lawman Guitars has been providing buyers with the best in Vintage Guitars, Rare Guitars, Used Guitars, and Vintage Amplifiers.

We carry a full line of vintage and collectable electric guitars, as well as basses, acoustic guitars and amplifiers.

We're passionate about helping our buyers find the guitar of their dreams!

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Acoustic Electric Guitar – 1965 Dobro Model C Resonator Guitar..SOLD!!!!

What we have here is a Uber RARE 1965 Dobro Model C Round Neck Resonator Slide Guitar…It has original everything from the correct tuners, Dobro Metal Logo Plate, Sieve Sound Hole Screens, Truss Rod Cover, Punched Cover plate, original resonator plate thats in great shape, and even the original biscuit bridge and nut. The Serial […]

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Gibson Guitars Sale – 1951 Gibson ES 350 Single Cutaway Guitar SOLD!!!

What a fantastic guitar. This 1951 Gibson ES 350 is the precursor to the Byrdland, Johnny Smith, and so many other great Gibson Guitars. It has the original Gibson P-90 Pickups, Tailpiece, Pickguard, Gibson Barrel knobs, 5 single line Kluson Deluxe Tuners, (one replacement but chrome), and Gibson Brown Plush Case. The bridge is not […]

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Vintage Guitars for Sale – 1963 Guild Freshman M-65-3/4 Guitar with Original Case..SOLD!!!

What a great guitar. This short scale Professional Model Guild is setup perfectly and is such a pleasure to play. Its hollow body with  a special short 223/4 inch scale neck makes for effortless playing. It weighs only 4 ¾ pounds but sounds huge. The P90 style pickup gives you a great mellow tone or […]

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Gibson Guitars for Sale – 1953 Gibson SJ 200 – Gibson Guitars Sale..SOLD!!!

This is such a nice instrument. I fell in love with it almost a year before buying it. It needed some repairs that the shop had done before I got to see it again. The luthiers from Oregon repaired two top cracks and several side cracks. They did an outstanding job and doesn’t detract from […]

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Used Guitars Sale – 1962 National Glenwood “99” Professional Guitar…SOLD!!!!!…

This was how this Resoglas  guitar was listed in the 1962 National Catalog. It is just as it would have been sold in 1962 with the Map Shaped Resoglas body,  2 Supro Valco Single coil Pickups and a very early version of a Piezo Bridge, Grover Deluxe Enclosed Tuners with Tulip Buttons , and original […]

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Used Guitars for Sale – 1933 National Metal Body Style O Chrome Resonator Guitar SOLD!!!

1933 National Metal Body Style O Chrome Resonator Guitar with Original Hardshell Case. This beautiful  Palm Tree Chrome guitar is an original 1933 National Resonator Guitar. It sells with the original Hardshell Case which is in as good of shape as the guitar. All latches and hinges work as well as sporting the original leather […]

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Gibson Guitars Sale – 1939 Gibson HG Hawaiian Round Neck …SOLD!!!

• Year: 1939 • Manufacturer: Gibson • Model: HG Century Hawaiian Flat Top Slide Guitar • Case: Original Hardshell • Color: Sunburst • Condition: Near Mint • Description: 1939 Gibson HG  Century Hawaiian Flat Top Guitar EXC ++ Here’s an incredible specimen. The only other one I have seen is in the Gibson Museum. This guitar has a huge deep bright sound […]

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Used Guitars for Sale – 1953 Supro Ozark Jet Mother of Toilet Seat Guitar..SOLD!!!

These guitars are very rare. The Cutaway version of the Ozark was made in 1953 and 1954. I am calling this one a 1953 but the date plate usually on the back of the headstock is missing…its either a 53’ or 1954. It has the ultra cool  gold Mother of Toilet seat covering which usually […]

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